2PCS T- type WoodWorking Milling Cutter

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2 Pieces Tongue & Groove Router Bit Set 1/4 x 1/4 - 1/2 Shank 3 Teeth T Type Tenon Cutter Wood Milling Cutter Wood Working Tools


  • Model Number: Router Bit Set
  • Material: Router Bit Set
  • Type: Router Bit Set
  • Coating: Router Bit Set
  • Material: hard alloy
  • Shank: 1/2

Tools Operation:

  • It can produce smooth surfaces for hardwood, cork, synthetic boards and other wood processing products. However, non wood materials such as copper, iron and other metal materials, sand and stone should be avoided
  • Must use the appropriate size of the jacket, serious wear, not round and hole with a taper sleeve cannot provide enough clamping force, and cause vibration or wring and flies off the handle
  • If it is found that the tool has the phenomenon of jumping when working, it should stop immediately and repeat the clamping several times so that the tool handle and the jacket are fully contacted
  • Protect your eyes and ears carefully when operating
  • The body, clothing and other sundries can not be closed the working tools

Tool Maintenance:

  • Keep the tools clean. After using, remove the resin, wood chips and other dirt on the wood. Clean the cutting tools with standard industrial solutions
  • Apply a little oil to prevent rust on the surface of the tool, and clean all the stains on the shank of the tool so as to prevent slippage during use
  • Do not arbitrarily from the grinding tool and change the shape of the tool, because each grinding process requires professional grinding equipment and professional grinding skills, otherwise it is easy to cause blade fracture, or other accident

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