10m Car Door Edge Protector--An Essential for Car Park

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  • FLEXIBLE CONSTRUCTION:Our product is flexible and will conform to the door contours as needed. What do you do about car door edge chips and nicks? Prevent them before they happen. Our color matched car door edge guards offer the best car door edge protection anywhere. To install car door protectors simply peel and stick on the car door edge.
  • 3M ADHESIVE:Our car door edge guards are unique because they attach using a 3M adhesive. The adhesive ensures a lasting fit and also keeps dirt and water from accumulating behind the door guard – this is a common problem with slide on car door edge guards. Don’t be fooled by imitation car door edge guards that are cheaply priced. Many of these products are slide onto the door edge, and after a few months they slide off entirely. Don’t waste your time or money with cheap imitation door edge guards.

Notice Before Use:

  1. Clean up where it is to be installed, there should be no wax or oil residual.
  2. Cut to the length required, and draw line on the body of the car. On measuring the length, it should be considered whether the trim would interfere with the body of the car on opening the door (1cm allowance may be spared, or cur an angle on the former end of the trim with a knife).
  3. Angle cutting on the end of every piece of the trim may be performed with a knife or grinding wheel to improve the external look.
  4. Tear off the protective paper, adhere it along the line exactly; there should be no dirty object on the surface of the gum, or touch it with hands.
  5. Apply pressure on the surface of the trim uniformly to ensure firm adhesiveness.
  6. It should be used over 65°F (18°C), the surface of the gum should be heated with hot air whenever it is below this temperature to ensure the effect of adhesiveness.
  7. Avoid to wash the car with automatic washing machine within 24 hours after installing.
  8. If what you bought is the type attached with an END, the length of the END should be deducted before cutting, and adhere the END after completing the adhering of the trim.


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