Creative Flexible Socket

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  • Save $11.20

Can’t Fully Utilize your power strip with sockets blocked by larger adapters?

Reclaim your outlets with Ultra Flexible Power Strip, an adjustable electrical power strip that holds large adapters in EVERY outlet!

The ultra flexible shape allows you to adjust each outlet pods so that large power bricks don't hog space. Perfect for homeoffice, or professional workstation use.


  • 180°Adjustable to fully utilize ALL outlet pods
  • Dual USB ports to charge multiple devices
  • Super flexible form that bends into circular, semi-circular & zig-zag shapes
  • Fits around furniture & in tight spaces
  • Fire-resistant PC shell
  • Damage-resistant housing for long--term durability
  • 100% Copper Wire for high energy efficiency & safety


  • Cable Size: 160cm
  • Type:
  • Plug Type: worldwide
  • USB Output: 2.1A

Focus on the details, 3-security safeguad


  • High level configuartion, without excess heat at 3000 W;
  • Double safety guarantee for users or children, against electric shock, prevent the entry of dust and various items into the socket;
  • The indication of light switch power, in round-seeded design, with good performance, bearable for 10000 operations.
  • Cable length:2.8M

US Plug:                                                           


EU Plug:




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