Fruit Juices Waterproof Tattoo Latex and Cleansing Liquid

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  • Ancient Tattooing Method: Applying juice on the skin to form a temporary tattoo, no harm and no stimulation to skin, friendly to customers
  • Principle: The sap of the fruit is oxidative, forming a blue-black mark on the surface of the skin and disappearing with the body's metabolism after about two weeks
  • Your Best Choice: Perfectly suitable for starters or masters, you'll really see and feel the difference! Once you try it, you will know the difference
  • Suitable For Position: Wrist, finger, tiger mouth, back neck, ear, ankle;If the paint is uneven, please shake it before using


  • This product has a strong coloring effect. It is strongly recommended to wear gloves when removing residual substances.
  • Before use, wipe with water or alcohol cotton, and make sure to apply a minimum of 1mm when applying.
  • If you accidentally rub your skin into the skin, you should immediately use exfoliating products, shower gel and soap.
  • It can be completely rubbed out when the tattoo is about to fade.
  • In case the application falls immediately, it will leave a little mark, which is recommended for use with the template.
  • It contains a small amount of clear ingredients and is recommended for local allergy testing.
  • It is recommended to use the product within two months after opening the package.


  • Clean skin: clean and dry the skin with water
  • Stick pattern: take out the pattern sticker and place it on the skin to make sure that it is completely glued to the skin, especially the hollow part of the pattern
  • Avoid contamination: take out the tattoo, put on the gloves, and avoid any other parts of the emulsion. Apply the tattoo evenly to the pattern ( avoid other parts).
  • Take off the sticker: one hour after the tattoo is dried, slowly remove the sticker and carefully remove the residue.
  • The pattern began to appear after four to five hours.
  • 12-24 hours to achieve the best results

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